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Adam Driver Piano Skills: SNL Santa Stop Saying 'Killed Han Solo'

Star Wars actor, 40, hosts SNL with Olivia Rodrigo, shows musical skills, makes Christmas list for Santa, and teases role in Star Wars.

Adam Driver, the 40-year-old Star Wars actor, made his fourth appearance as host on Saturday Night Live, accompanied by musical guest Olivia Rodrigo. He showcased his comedic talents and musical abilities while humorously creating his Christmas wish list for Santa.

During the skit, Driver played the piano and hilariously listed his extravagant and absurd desires for Christmas. These included five pairs of Chinos, a "giant metal Tesla truck," and a request for Santa to deal with the people making couple TikTok pranks. He even made a witty remark about his role in Star Wars, joking that wokeness, not him, killed Han Solo.

Concluding the segment with a complicated musical outro, Driver humorously expressed his anticipation for Santa to break into his house and also mentioned his upcoming movie Ferrari, which will be released on Christmas Day.

This isn't the first time Driver has graced the SNL stage. He first hosted the show in 2016, where he portrayed his Star Wars character Kylo Ren in a popular skit for Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now. Returning to SNL in 2020, he once again donned the Kylo Ren persona, this time as an intern named Randy, in a quest to uncover people's true feelings about the character.

In the skit, "Randy" faced challenges and ultimately embarked on a murder spree, ending with a betrayal from a co-worker who expressed her desire to fly like Luke Skywalker, not Kylo Ren.

Adam Driver's latest appearance on SNL showcased his comedic prowess and musical talents, leaving audiences entertained and eagerly anticipating his future endeavors.

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