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Ron DeSantis Republicans Trump wrong
  • 21st Jan 2024

Ron DeSantis Republicans Trump wrong

Ron DeSantis was once a promising Republican presidential candidate, but his failed campaign shows how personality matters in politics.

Gen X President Biden Reality bites
  • 27th Dec 2023

Gen X President Biden Reality bites

Generation X has the highest disapproval rating of President Biden, with many members leaning conservative due to political memories.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville defends blocking numerous US military promotions
  • 7th Sep 2023

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville defends blocking numerous US military promotions

Tommy Tuberville, an Alabama Republican senator, has blocked over 300 military promotions due to his opposition to the Pentagon's abortion policies and what he perceives as "woke" sentiment among officers. If the block continues, it could affect up to 650 promotions by the end of the year, potentially damaging national security. Tuberville's actions have drawn criticism from civilian military leaders, who argue that the hold is unfair to the officers and their families and is putting military readiness at risk.

'Rich Men North of Richmond' Tops Apple Music Global Charts, Sparks Outrage Among Left
  • 18th Aug 2023

'Rich Men North of Richmond' Tops Apple Music Global Charts, Sparks Outrage Among Left

"Rich Men North of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony has become a viral hit, reaching the top of the Apple Music global charts and potentially the Billboard Hot 100. The song resonates with many due to its portrayal of the struggles faced by average Americans. However, the Left has criticized it as a "right-wing anthem." Anthony aims to be a voice for people and highlight issues such as human trafficking. The song has gained over 18 million views on YouTube and nearly 6 million listens on Spotify.

lls It
  • 7th Jul 2023

lls It "Critical Race Theory Hoax"

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is accused of running a campaign based on racism but calling it equality. DeSantis has declared that "DEI is over in the state of Florida," referring to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Critics argue that this is a form of white supremacy and an attempt to dilute Black voting power. DeSantis is accused of stoking white grievance and framing it as a fight for individual rights.

What news can we find under Woke News Section?

Unwrapping the Notion of 'Woke'

"What in the world is 'woke', and why is it buzzing on my news feed?" If you've been asking yourself this question, then you've come to the right place. Let's unravel this intriguing concept together!

'Woke', a term that spun out of African American Vernacular English (AAVE), has taken center stage, often headlining various news items. Essentially, becoming ‘woke’ means gaining sudden enlightenment regarding social issues and injustices – a profound awareness truly akin to waking up from a long sleep.

The multifaceted nature of 'woke' births an array of content under its umbrella. Ever asked what kind of storylines typify woke narratives?

  • First off, there are articles tackling racial equality crusades and amplifying marginalized voices.
  • Social justice campaigns rightfully find their spot here too - be they centered around sexism’s pitfalls or trans rights advocacies!
  • Let's not forget climate change concerns; there’s plenty for Greta Thunberg enthusiasts as well.
Can we afford ignoring such vital topics? Picture society as an individual standing at the edge of an abyss called "ignorance." Being "woke" serves as our safety harness—it guides us away from falling into oblivity. The brave ones who pull us back aren't superhumans—they're simply those who dare stand against societal ills. Just like enjoying rock music doesn’t only imply attending concerts but also understanding its roots and rhythm; being ‘woke’ isn’t just about reading eye-opening articles but deeply cultivating empathy towards all walks of life. So dig in—imbibe that culture-shaping WOKE wisdom today! You might deem getting woke intimidating, almost like undertaking the Olympian weightlifting task. But fret not! Consider each unbiased article read and every passionate podcast listened to like adding more feathers to your cap—a personal milestone accomplished! +

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