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The Crown dramatizes Prince Harry's Nazi costume scandal, differing from his narrative

The Crown's series finale, featuring Prince Harry's Nazi costume, gives a controversial portrayal of the royal family. Harry and Meghan may not be happy.

The Crown, a Netflix series chronicling the history of postwar Britain through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II, has come to an end after six seasons and 60 episodes. The series finale, titled "Sleep, Dearie, Sleep," written by Peter Morgan and directed by Stephen Daldry, dramatizes a scandalous incident involving Prince Harry that was a turning point for the royal family and the nation.

The episode portrays Prince Harry in a Nazi costume, depicting him as a petulant child and causing viewers to question the motivations behind the portrayal. It also shows Queen Elizabeth contemplating her mortality and the possibility of stepping down from the throne to allow her son, Prince Charles, to ascend.

The series hints at growing differences between Prince William and Prince Harry, foreshadowing their present-day public enmity. "The Crown" portrays William as a dutiful heir, while Harry is depicted as an immature, hard-partying individual who harbors resentment towards his family.

The finale also addresses the 2005 incident in which Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party, sparking a global controversy and leading to a public apology from Harry. The series presents a version of the incident that differs from Harry's recollections in his documentary series and memoir.

The episode also features a harsh portrayal of Carole Middleton, mother of Catherine, Princess of Wales, as a meddling social-climber, drawing parallels to Mrs. Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice."

The series finale should put an end to speculation that Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were able to influence "The Crown" due to their production deal with Netflix. The episode also addresses the controversy surrounding the Nazi incident, as depicted in Harry's documentary series and memoir.

Overall, the series finale of "The Crown" provides a dramatic and controversial portrayal of the royal family, leaving viewers with a thought-provoking and engaging depiction of historical events and the dynamics within the monarchy.

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