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Barry Manilow Harmony Jukebox Musical Serious Message Songs Laughs

Barry Manilow's long-awaited musical, "Harmony," about a German singing sextet, finally hits Broadway after decades of off-Broadway productions.

Barry Manilow originally had dreams of being a songwriter for Broadway shows, but his aspirations have expanded and evolved over time. After decades of being a performing superstar, Manilow and his longtime lyricist Barry Sussman have finally achieved their goal of bringing an original production to Broadway.

Their musical, Harmony, is the result of a journey that began in the early 1990s after Sussman saw a documentary about the Comedian Harmonists, a German singing sextet. The musical tells the story of three Jews and three gentiles who rose to fame with their harmonious singing and comedic stage routines, only to face dissolution due to the rise of the Nazis and the persecution of Jews in Europe.

Harmony has had several off-Broadway productions and has recently made its way to Broadway with a unique twist. The elderly version of one of the members narrates the story and tries to warn his younger self of the mistakes he is making, adding a layer of depth to the storytelling.

The musical is divided into two acts, with the first act showcasing the group's rise to fame and the second act delving into the impact of the Nazi takeover of Germany. The show also introduces a Gestapo officer who initially pretends to be an ally to the group but ultimately represents the oppressive regime that threatens their art and culture.

While Harmony has received criticism for its balance between musical elements and the depiction of societal ills, it serves as a timely reminder of the potential recurrence of such issues. It not only revives the memory of the Comedian Harmonists but also introduces their story to a new audience.

Harmony is currently playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, offering audiences the opportunity to experience the extraordinary true story of the Comedian Harmonists.

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