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New Minnesota Flag: Muslim Star, 'From The River to the Sea'

Minnesota unveils new state flag featuring Muslim star and controversial inscription. Governor Waltz says it embodies the state's future.

Minnesota has officially unveiled its new state flag after a lengthy process to determine a new design. The new flag features a Muslim star and an inscription reading "From the River to the Sea, Dontcha Know."

Governor Tim Waltz commented on the new design, stating that it perfectly embodies what Minnesota has become in 2023. He emphasized that the state is now, first and foremost, the center of America's Islamic population. The previous state flag, adopted in 1893, has been criticized for decades due to its depiction of a native man riding away from land being farmed by a white man. Historian Dr. Blake Rumsey explained that the original seal was often misunderstood, and despite efforts to clarify its meaning, people continued to clamor for a new design.

State officials expressed hope that the new flag will usher in a prosperous new era for Minnesota. Governor Waltz emphasized that the flag represents the state's future direction. However, as the country faces increasing racism and right-wing bigotry, it's important to resist getting caught up in such harmful ideologies. Let's all strive to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

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