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Discrimination News & Breaking Stories

Greta Thunberg Deletes Anti-Semitic Tweet
  • 21st Oct 2023

Greta Thunberg Deletes Anti-Semitic Tweet

Climate activist Greta Thunberg accused of spreading anti-Semitism after supporting Palestinians, prompts social media backlash and deletion of post.

lls It
  • 7th Jul 2023

lls It "Critical Race Theory Hoax"

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is accused of running a campaign based on racism but calling it equality. DeSantis has declared that "DEI is over in the state of Florida," referring to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Critics argue that this is a form of white supremacy and an attempt to dilute Black voting power. DeSantis is accused of stoking white grievance and framing it as a fight for individual rights.

What news can we find under Discrimination News Section?

Ever wondered, "What kind of news content we might find under the topic discrimination?" Well, sit tight because I'm going to give you a little tour.

Initially, Discrimination, in its broad sense involves treating someone unfairly or seeing them as different based on their characteristics. This subject is unfortunately extensive and covers diverse aspects: race, gender, religion and even age. Hence one could come across articles that highlight unfair practices suffered due to these factors.

You would frequently find stories deploring racial discrimination where individuals face unjust treatment due to their skin color or ethnicity. People sharing their lived experiences about being mistreated simply because they look "different" makes up significant chunk of news sources. Powerful enough? Keep reading!

Closely following are tales of pervasive gender discrimination - both at workplace and home environments; women can be paid less than men for doing the same job! Outrageous isn't it? Unfortunately it’s true & hence very much discussion-worthy.

Fall into any minority religious group? There's heavy chance that you'd relate with articles highlighting religious intolerance & bias – globally widespread phenomena hurting many innocent lives emotionally or physically!

Now if your grey hair was making you consider yourself safe from such prejudice – stop right there! Did anyone ever tell you about Ageism? Yes! Prejudice based upon age exists too with countless examples published every now & then for public awareness against fostering this behavior pattern further.

In conclusion, Discrimination related contents undoubtedly serve as mirrors reflecting ugly prejudices infesting societal dynamics globally – an upsetting revelation indeed but also indicating need for change! What do you think?

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