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Mariah Carey discusses struggles with identity and black heritage

Mariah Carey opens up about her struggles with identity and racism in the music industry, hoping to educate her kids.

Mariah Carey has recently opened up about her struggles with her identity, particularly in relation to her black heritage and the lack of understanding in the music industry. At 50 years old, the singer has revealed that her mixed-race background has posed challenges throughout her career, despite her undeniable talent and success.

Mariah's father is African-American and Venezuelan, while her mother is of white Irish descent. She expressed that being signed by a record label as a teenager was not easy, as people's perceptions and lack of understanding regarding her background made her journey difficult. This was especially evident when she released her debut album in 1990, with many articles describing her as a 'white soul singer' or a 'white girl who can sing'. Mariah admitted that this played into insecurities she had been trying to deal with in terms of her identity.

In a recent interview with Trevor Nelson on his BBC Radio Two show Rhythm Nation, Mariah shared her struggles, saying, "It's never been easy for me... this journey, this whole struggle with my identity started when I was like three or four years old." She also discussed the confusion and lack of understanding she faced when she first entered the music industry.

Despite publicly discussing her heritage numerous times, Mariah revealed that there are still people who remain unaware of her background. She emphasized the challenges of being black, mixed, and ambiguous looking in the entertainment industry.

In her memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," published last month, Mariah delves into her experiences growing up in a biracial family and the recurring theme of race. She writes about feeling like she didn't fit in and the confusion she faced as a child. She also discussed the racism her family encountered and the drive it instilled in her to succeed.

Now, as a mother of twins, Mariah hopes to use her experiences to educate her children on how to deal with similar situations. She has openly discussed her struggles with identity and racism, and she is determined to help her kids navigate these challenges.

Mariah's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of understanding and embracing diversity. Her experiences shed light on the complexities of identity and the impact of racism, and her resilience serves as an inspiration to many.

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