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Tesla robot attack: Engineer pinned and left bleeding

Tesla engineer injured by robot at Giga, Tex. factory sparks concerns and allegations of underreported incidents and safety issues.

A recent incident at Tesla's Giga factory in Texas has raised concerns about the safety of integrating automated robots in the workplace. According to reports, a Tesla engineer was injured by a malfunctioning robot while programming software for disabled robots. The engineer was pinned and clawed by the machine, causing bleeding and adding to ongoing concerns about the risks of automated robots.

The injury report filed with Travis County and federal regulators has sparked questions about the accuracy of Tesla's reporting. Attorney Hannah Alexander of the nonprofit Workers Defense Project, representing Tesla's contract workers at the Giga plant, suspects that the number of injuries at the factory is being underreported. She also highlighted the omission of a construction worker's death in September 2021 from Tesla's reports.

The Giga factory has been reported to have a higher accident rate compared to the rest of the auto industry, with one injury for every 21 workers in 2022, while the industry median rate was one injury for every 30 workers. The rapid construction of the facility and lax safety measures have been cited as contributing factors to the higher injury rates.

Tesla's self-reported worker injuries range from blunt force trauma to chemical exposures and machine accidents, including cases of workers being caught in machinery and illnesses from toxin exposure. Despite receiving over $60 million in tax breaks, the Giga factory may not be meeting the requirements associated with these incentives.

The incident and subsequent concerns about underreporting of injuries at the Giga factory highlight the need for increased transparency and accountability in workplace safety, particularly in industries where automated robots are being integrated. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of tax breaks in incentivizing safe working conditions. As the use of automated robots continues to expand in various industries, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers must be a top priority.

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