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Virginia Tech Football: Hokies Crush No. 23 Tulane in Dominating Military Bowl Win

Virginia Tech players dominate Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in rainy conditions, securing a 41-20 victory over No. 23 Tulane in the Military Bowl.

The Virginia Tech players had a wild celebration at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium as they hydroplaned across the field in the heavy rain. The rain intensified in the second half, allowing the players to slide around and splash water as they celebrated their victory. The game against No. 23 Tulane saw the Hokies dominating the field, with running back Bhayshul Tuten repeatedly getting to the edge on quick pitches and quarterback Kyron Drones feasting on draws up the middle of the defense.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the backfield mates carved up Tulane's rush defense, with Tuten and Drones rushing for a combined 312 yards and three touchdowns. Drones also added two passing scores in the second half, leading to a dominating 41-20 victory over the Green Wave in front of a crowd of 35,849.

Coach Brent Pry emphasized the importance of running the ball, highlighting the team's success when able to do so. The Hokies capped the season with back-to-back dominating victories over rival Virginia and Tulane, leaving the team with two trophies - the Commonwealth Cup and the Military Bowl trophy. The dismal conditions led to a combined eight fumbles, but the Hokies did not let this deter them from establishing a strong run game and wearing down the Tulane defense.

In a record-setting performance, the Hokies set a program record for rushing yards in a bowl game with a season-high of 362 yards. Drones set a Military Bowl-record of 176 rushing yards by a quarterback, while Tuten tallied 136 yards and two scores on 18 carries. The Hokies dominated time of possession and ran 17 more plays than the Green Wave, averaging more than seven yards per carry for the third time this season.

The Hokies' win over a ranked team with 11 wins was a significant achievement, marking a strong end to their season. Coach Pry emphasized the team's ability to secure a win over a well-coached, high-performing team, highlighting their resilience and determination in adverse weather conditions.

Overall, the Hokies' victory over Tulane was a testament to their strength, skill, and ability to adapt to challenging circumstances, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and opponents alike.

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