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Lee Jae-myung: Factory worker to presidential contender - Manila Standard

Former child factory worker Lee Jae-myung rose to become a presidential contender in South Korea, fighting inequality. He was recently stabbed.

Lee Jae-myung is a rare figure in South Korean politics, rising from his humble beginnings as a child factory worker to become a presidential contender. Despite his underprivileged background, Lee has become a prominent figure in the country's political landscape, advocating for change and fighting against inequality. His journey has been marked by both triumphs and controversies, making him a polarizing figure in South Korean politics.

In 2022, Lee narrowly lost the presidential election to Yoon Suk Yeol, after facing a brutal attack that left him hospitalized. Despite this setback, Lee has remained a vocal critic of President Yoon and is widely expected to run for the presidency again in 2027. His working-class roots have shaped his political platform, focusing on policies to address inequality, housing prices, and youth unemployment.

Throughout his political career, Lee has championed policies such as cash handouts to young adults, free school uniforms, and free maternity care. He has also pledged to expand his universal basic income scheme nationwide if elected president. While his supporters view these policies as a reflection of Lee's empathy for the less fortunate, his opponents accuse him of being a populist who will burden the country with debt.

In addition to his progressive policies, Lee's rise to power has been marred by allegations of corruption. He faces trial on charges of bribery and a breach of duty, with some accusing him of using his position for personal gain. Despite these allegations, Lee has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and continues to pursue his political ambitions.

Lee's personal story is one of resilience and determination, having overcome a childhood accident that left him permanently disabled. His journey from a factory worker to a human rights lawyer and eventually a politician has resonated with many South Korean voters. In a country where the legislature is dominated by the wealthy and well-connected, Lee's story stands in stark contrast, making him a compelling figure in South Korean politics.

As Lee prepares for the upcoming presidential race in 2027, he faces both support and opposition within his own party. His ability to overcome adversity and connect with voters has solidified his status as a strong contender for the presidency. Despite the challenges he has faced, Lee's determination and commitment to fighting for the less fortunate have made him a prominent figure in South Korean politics, with his future political ambitions continuing to capture the attention of the nation.

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