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Phish performs Gamehendge in its entirety for the first time in 30 years (Full 4K Video)

"Phish stunned fans with a 'Gamehendge' set at Madison Square Garden, marking the first time in nearly 30 years. Watch now!"

Phish's New Year's Eve residency at Madison Square Garden in 2023 was nothing short of spectacular, as the band surprised fans with a jaw-dropping 2nd Set gag, featuring the first full 'Gamehendge' performance in nearly 30 years. The last time Phish played these songs in their entirety, in order, and with band narration was back in 1994, a staggering 10,768 days prior.

Many fans had given up hope of ever hearing 'Gamehendge' again, but the band proved them wrong on 12/31/23 at Madison Square Garden, where they performed the entire set with actors adding theatrical narration. The band even released the complete performance for free on YouTube in 4K HDR, solidifying it as a top-5 all-time moment from Phish.

For many lifelong fans, the 'Gamehendge' set was a dream come true, as it had been thought to be a lost opportunity after years of speculation and anticipation. Phish's ability to surprise their fans with unexpected performances is part of their enduring appeal, and the 'Gamehendge' set was no exception.

'Gamehendge' is a collection of songs that holds significant historical and sentimental value for Phish and their fans. It is a rock opera that tells the story of Colonel Forbin's journey to overthrow an evil dictator named Wilson in the mythical land of Gamehendge. The songs are based on Trey Anastasio's Goddard College thesis, 'The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday,' and have become an integral part of the band's lore over the years.

The 'Gamehendge' performance at Madison Square Garden was a testament to Phish's ability to captivate and surprise their audience, and it left fans eagerly anticipating their next show. The band's commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to their fans is what sets them apart and keeps their dedicated following coming back for more.

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