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Rock and roll News & Breaking Stories

Dolly Parton releases Rockstar album
  • 19th Nov 2023

Dolly Parton releases Rockstar album

Dolly Parton's long awaited Rock album is finally out, featuring 30 tracks including covers of iconic songs and original songs.

Boygenius Performs The Beatles on SNL
  • 12th Nov 2023

Boygenius Performs The Beatles on SNL

Indie rock supergroup Boygenius gave a stylish performance on SNL, paying homage to The Beatles and Nirvana, captivating the audience.

'Dancing With the Stars of Casper: Get to Know the Additional Acts'
  • 26th Sep 2023

'Dancing With the Stars of Casper: Get to Know the Additional Acts'

Get ready to dance the night away at the annual Dancing with the Stars of Casper event benefiting the Mercer Family Resource Center. Join local stars and pros as they perform to Elvis hits and bid on auction packages with an Elvis theme. Don't miss out!

The Alchemy of Carlos Santana
  • 17th Sep 2023

The Alchemy of Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana discusses his lifelong love for music, his career, and his new documentary, "Carlos," which explores his life and influences.

What news can we find under Rock and roll News Section?

A Roller Coaster Ride Through the World of Rock ' N' Roll News

Ever wondered what news might come under the genre, 'Rock and Roll'? Well, it's time to fasten your seat belts for an exhilarating journey into this wild world! Just like a gripping rock concert, you never know what might hit next!

"Are they releasing any new albums?", you ask. Oh absolutely! Now and then iconic bands and established musicians drop sizzling hot tracks taking us by storm. It can also be bubbling indie artists delivering freshly brewed tunes that shake up our senses. Unabashedly alive is how we find such music energy in the realm of rock and roll!

There's more - how about celebrities pulling off headbanging performances or interviews where legendary guitarists trade stories from their glory days? Fancy feast for fans indeed!

You're curious "What are the latest happenings in concerts & tours?". The pandemic may have paused live gigs but hey! Watch out for those virtual concerts lighting up screens globally.

Let's not forget juicy gossip making roundabouts in this sector too - Be it shocking breakups shaking band dynamics or much-awaited reunions rekindling old sparks. Concert mishaps or controversial lyrics? Yup, those make news headlines as well. By now I bet you're thinking "Hey isn't that pretty much everything?" . True mate but don't overlook OBITS ,tribute shows & historical accounts pushing nostalgia buttons hard.Ain't it fascinating? Couple all these with critiques dissecting latest works noted journalist discourses around cultural interpretations of this evolving genre...Phew!
News surrounding ‘Rock n Roll’ appears as diverse as the genre itself leaving no stone unturned to spike interest levels.While some prefer traditional sources others go digging through blogs podcasts forums even social media buzz. So catch hold on your drumsticks ( errm I mean mouse') buckled into front row seats revelling dynamic action-packed universe called 'Rock n Roll'. Before wrapping up here's one last food thought Tonight who will end playing air Guitar ?".

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