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Family YouTubers Catherine and Austin McBroom announce divorce from 'The ACE Family' channel

YouTube power couple Catherine and Austin McBroom announced their divorce after amassing 18 million subscribers on their family vlog channel.

Popular YouTubers Catherine and Austin McBroom, known for their family vlog channel "The ACE Family," made a shocking announcement on January 11th. After amassing a massive following of over 18 million subscribers, the couple revealed that they have decided to part ways and pursue a divorce.

In separate statements shared on their Instagram accounts, both Catherine and Austin expressed that this decision was made mutually, citing irreconcilable differences that have led their paths to diverge. Catherine, while acknowledging the heartbreak of the situation, also expressed a sense of liberation. Austin, on the other hand, emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their three children - Elle, Alaia, and Steel - and assured that they will continue to be the best parents for their kids.

The McBrooms, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News, have been a prominent presence on YouTube since starting their channel in 2016. Their content, which features family vlogs, viral challenges, and pranks, has garnered a dedicated fanbase. However, the couple has also faced legal issues, as reported by Insider.

Their last video was posted on their channel seven months ago, with the couple previously announcing that 2023 would be their final year of posting as they wanted to focus on traveling with their children. The news of their divorce has led to speculation among fans, with some suggesting infidelity as a reason, a claim that Austin has denied.

Despite the challenges they are facing, both Catherine and Austin expressed gratitude to their followers for their support over the years. Catherine referred to Austin as her best friend, while Austin shared his intentions to dedicate himself to personal growth and his children in the coming year.

As they navigate this difficult transition, the McBrooms have emphasized their commitment to pushing through as a family unit and continuing to spread love and positivity, both online and in their personal lives.

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