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Taiwan election 2024: Polls close key presidential vote

Austrian paper warns Europe to wake up to Taiwan's importance amid rising tensions with China, as US pushes for solidarity.

Europe must not ignore the significance of the recent election in Taiwan, as it will have far-reaching implications for the continent. Die Presse, an Austrian newspaper, emphasizes the need for a unified European approach towards China, particularly when it comes to Taiwan. The editorial warns that Europe will "feel the aftereffects" of the election and urges the continent to "pull its head out of the sand" on the China/Taiwan issue.

The editorial highlights China's attempts to influence Taiwan's presidential election through threats of war and economic pressure, as Beijing views Taiwan as a breakaway Chinese province that should eventually rejoin it. The newspaper underscores the critical role Taiwan plays in global affairs, particularly in semiconductor production and its strategic location that allows it to influence key maritime trade routes. Any crisis in the region is bound to impact European trade, making it imperative for Europe to address the issue.

Tensions between Beijing and Taipei have been escalating, raising fears of military escalation. The United States, which maintains a close yet unofficial relationship with Taiwan, is urging its European Union allies to adopt a firmer stance toward Beijing. With Brussels seeking to reduce its dependence on Beijing, a unified European approach is essential in addressing the Taiwan issue.

In conclusion, Die Presse emphasizes that the future of the 21st century will be determined in the Taiwan Strait and that it is in Europe's best interest to address the China/Taiwan issue. The editorial serves as a reminder for Europe to acknowledge the significance of the Taiwan election and to take a proactive stance in dealing with the implications for the continent.

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