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Dan Goldman Censure Elise Stefanik: Stefanik Claps Back

Rep. Dan Goldman introduced a resolution to censure Rep. Elise Stefanik, accusing her of supporting the Jan. 6 rioters.

Democratic Representative Dan Goldman has introduced a resolution to censure House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, claiming that she provided "aid, comfort, and support to the rioters and insurrectionists" of January 6, in an "effort to undermine our democracy." Stefanik has been criticized for using the word "hostage" to describe prisoners on "Meet the Press." Goldman's resolution is unlikely to go anywhere due to the need for Republican leadership to bring it to the floor. House Speaker Mike Johnson has called Goldman's attempt to go after Stefanik for political reasons "patently absurd."

Stefanik has been clear in her response, emphasizing the responsibility of oversight of prisoners and expressing concerns about the weaponization of the federal government and the treatment of January 6th hostages. She has also condemned the violence of the BLM riots and stood for election integrity and security of our elections. Stefanik's Executive Director has criticized Goldman for supporting "radicals like Tish James" and engaging in witch hunts against President Trump.

Stefanik has pointed to desperation as the reason for the attack on her, stating that Democrats are in "free fall." This attack seems to be a result of their lack of achievements and the unpopularity of President Biden. Despite these attempts, the support for Biden continues to decline, and even his Democratic challenger, Dean Phillips, is mocking him. This demonstrates the desperation of the Democrats, who seem to have nothing left but the events of January 6.

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