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Barron Trump reaches out sad-looking father funeral Melania's mother

Donald Trump and his son Barron were seen sharing a rare tender moment at Amalija Knavs' funeral. Melania Trump also paid tribute.

Donald Trump's relationship with his youngest son, Barron, has been a source of speculation, with many accounts suggesting that the former president was not a doting, hands-on father to his five children. However, a recent glimpse of tenderness between Trump and Barron was captured in a photograph taken outside an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, where they attended the funeral of Amalija Knavs, Barron's grandmother.

At the funeral, Barron appeared to reach out to pat Trump's back or take his arm, while Trump looked sad, vulnerable, or bereft. Despite his busy schedule, Trump flew to Palm Beach to be at his mother-in-law's funeral and to support his wife, Melania Trump. The former president is currently running for president again, is the current GOP frontrunner, and is fending off criminal and civil trials in multiple jurisdictions.

Though Trump expressed anger over the judge's decision not to delay his defamation trial with writer E. Jean Carroll, he seemed to put aside his emotions at the funeral, wearing a solemn expression and letting Melania Trump lead the proceedings. In her eulogy, Melania paid tribute to her mother's "nurturing spirit" and "unparalleled affection," while Trump also paid tribute to Knavs during his victory speech at the Iowa caucuses.

Trump's adult children from his previous two marriages also attended the service, along with Melania's parents, who moved to the United States when Trump was president. Since leaving the White House and moving to Mar-a-Lago, Trump has reportedly been able to spend more time with Barron, playing golf with him and enjoying one-on-one dinners. Melania Trump has spoken about the "beautiful respect and admiration" that exists between father and son, and that "Barron loves to be one-on-one with Dad."

Reports also suggest that Barron's natural athleticism and height make Trump proud, as the former president has publicly praised his son's handsome appearance and called him "beautiful" at a 2020 campaign rally.

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