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Lions 49ers NFC Championship First Drive Picks NFL 2024

Kyle Shanahan is great at scripted playcalling, 49ers will flex their offensive muscles early against Lions. More in Josh Inglis' NFC Championship.

Kyle Shanahan is known for his exceptional playcalling, and it's expected that the San Francisco 49ers will come out strong against the Detroit Lions' defense in the NFC Championship. If you're a fan of NFL betting, you might want to consider wagering on the result of the first drive of the game.

This market offers four options: a punt, field goal attempt, touchdown, or turnover. Not only is it a fascinating market to bet on, but it also provides insights into the game before kickoff and during live play.

In this NFC Championship, we'll dive into the details and present compelling cases for each team's first-drive result. While the sample size may not be extensive, the pricing is largely based on offensive outcomes, leaving room for potential angles that haven't been factored in.

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There's been a lot of discussion about the Detroit Lions' performance on the road and the significant drop in Jared Goff's output when away from Ford Field. However, it's worth noting that this is an indoor team that has played just one outdoor game since Week 7, with four of its nine road games being played indoors.

Goff's stats take a hit when playing outdoors, with a seven-point drop in completion percentage, a 27-point decrease in passer rating, a 5:4 TD: INT ratio over five games, and a 1.6-yard drop in yards per pass attempt. In their five outdoor games, the Lions' offense punted four times and turned the ball over once, averaging 4.2 plays per series.

On opening drives, the Detroit offense has scored only six touchdowns out of 19, with all of them being generated indoors, and four at home.

Betting on the Lions to punt at +110 seems like the best move. Given the strength of the San Francisco 49ers' offense at the start of games, Detroit will likely be facing a long field, regardless of the outcome.

While the +110 odds might appear to have a 48% probability, factoring in the 14% hold on the four-way market implies a roughly 44% probability, making it at least a coin flip.

Many bettors may lean towards the 49ers scoring on the opening drive, considering Kyle Shanahan's reputation for scripted plays. Detroit's defense has the highest TD% allowed on first drives, with teams scoring six out of 19 times. The Lions allowed two TDs, a field-goal attempt, and forced two punts.

With the defense's vulnerabilities in the secondary, the 49ers are likely to move the ball effectively early in the game. Anticipate Shanahan orchestrating another flawless opening drive for an offense that has three more opening drive touchdowns than any other remaining team.

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