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Democrats lash out at GOP lawmakers for 'baseless sham' push to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas

House Democrats criticize GOP impeachment effort against DHS Secretary Mayorkas as "baseless sham," argue policy differences not impeachable.

House Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee have strongly criticized the Republican impeachment effort against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, calling it a "baseless sham" in a new report. They argue that impeachment should not be used for policy differences and that Republicans have wasted time that could have been spent on bipartisan legislation for immigration and border security.

The report comes in response to House Republicans unveiling two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, accusing him of willfully refusing to comply with the law and breaching public trust. Republicans have long sought to impeach Mayorkas, claiming that he has allowed the crisis at the southern border to continue and mishandled immigration needs.

In contrast, Democrats argue that impeachment is not a tool for political or policy differences and that the legislative branch should not use it to extort policy changes from the executive branch. They defend Mayorkas against the accusations, stating that Republicans are intentionally mischaracterizing immigration law.

While House lawmakers are focused on the impeachment proceedings, Senators are working on a bipartisan border deal that aims to address the challenges at the southern border. However, these negotiations have been threatened by former President Donald Trump's efforts to block any bipartisan legislation that would address the border, as he seeks reelection.

The White House and the Department of Homeland Security have highlighted the strain on existing resources to address the border and have urged Congress to pass legislation providing additional funding and tools for immigration and border officials. The report argues that Republicans cannot blame Secretary Mayorkas for challenges at the border while denying him the resources and tools needed to do his job.

The report from House Democrats emphasizes the need for bipartisan cooperation and accuses Republicans of prioritizing political gains over addressing the challenges at the southern border. It also highlights the ongoing tensions between the two parties in addressing immigration and border security, as well as the influence of former President Trump on these efforts.

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