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Lauren Boebert embarrassingly finishes in poll of new Colorado district

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's devastating 5th place finish in a straw poll after switching districts has Twitter buzzing.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert recently participated in a straw poll during a primary debate in Fort Lupton, Colorado, where she finished in fifth place. The straw poll results showed that she received just 10% of the vote, landing her in the bottom fifth of the candidates. This comes after Ms. Boebert decided to switch to run in a new district, leaving many in the political sphere to comment on her disappointing performance.

The Texas Democratic Rep Jasmine Crockett took to social media to comment on Ms. Boebert's straw poll showing, expressing her thoughts and prayers for the Congresswoman. She also questioned whether Ms. Boebert would try to downplay the importance of polls, unless they were in favor of her political position.

Additionally, a Republican account called Republicans Against Trump also commented on Ms. Boebert's performance, stating that she has finished and received only 10% of the vote in the survey at the debate.

Ms. Boebert has been in the spotlight for other reasons as well, including her ex-husband facing charges after separate domestic incidents, and her removal from a live-action musical stage version of Beetlejuice in Denver. Her office cited the situation with her husband as a reason for her decision to switch districts and mentioned consulting with her lawyer about his false claims against her.

The straw poll results, along with the other events surrounding Ms. Boebert, have thrust her into the public eye and raised questions about her political future and the impact of her decision to switch to a new district.

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