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Dan Quinn Washington hiring leaves questions Giants DC search drags

Dan Quinn's hiring as Washington Commanders' head coach is underwhelming, but his defensive pedigree may bring success. The team holds the No. 2 draft pick.

The recent hiring of Dan Quinn as the new head coach of the Washington Commanders has not caused the same seismic impact in the NFC East as it would have if Ben Johnson had left Detroit. It also pales in comparison to the potential impact of a Bill Belichick, Mike Vrabel, or Pete Carroll hiring. This move doesn't exactly signal a major shake-up for Washington under owner Josh Harris.

Quinn's record of 43-42-0 in 85 games as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015-20 doesn't exactly inspire awe. He will be overseeing the offense rather than directly leading it, and he is a familiar figure in the league. His painful Super Bowl loss to the Patriots is still fresh in the minds of many.

Despite the coaching change, Washington still holds the No. 2 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. New GM Adam Peters, known for his pursuit of mobility and high potential in players, may have the opportunity to select North Carolina QB Drake Maye. However, there is uncertainty about who Quinn will bring on as his offensive coordinator, leaving the Washington fan base feeling somewhat unfulfilled.

The decision to replace Ron Rivera, a seasoned defensive coach, with another defensive-minded coach has left fans feeling a bit perplexed. The process seemed to lack urgency, with Quinn only being hired after Johnson withdrew and Ravens DC Mike MacDonald took the Seattle Seahawks job.

That being said, Quinn does have a proven track record on defense, as evidenced by the Dallas Cowboys' dominance over the Giants during his tenure as their defensive coordinator. The Giants never managed to defeat Quinn's defenses, with an average of only 13.16 points scored against his teams in those games.

However, in the modern NFL, a high-powered offense and the ability to score consistently are key to success. While Quinn's defensive prowess is impressive, the real challenge for Washington will be building a strong offense that can keep pace with the league's top teams.

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