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Klay Thompson peace late benching Gui Santos thrives Warriors win

Klay Thompson's struggles continue as the Warriors' dynasty faces its mortality. The team is adapting to new realities for continued success.

Klay Thompson's smile didn't fade as he watched the younger, faster wings close out a win against the Brooklyn Nets. Although he expressed some frustration at not being able to close the Warriors' win, he acknowledged that winning cures all. This wasn't the first time Thompson had been benched late in a game this year, and it's clear that the wear and tear of the season on his surgically repaired legs is taking its toll.

In this game, a G League player named Gui Santos, who hadn't seen much playing time this year, was too impactful to sub out. With Andrew Wiggins injured, Santos brought athleticism and spark to the closing lineup, contributing nine points and helping the Warriors outscore the Nets by 13 points while he was on the floor. This is a significant departure from the team's past strategy, which relied on veteran players and a tried-and-true formula.

Coach Steve Kerr has had to navigate unfamiliar territory this season, especially as the team's record has slipped to 22-25. Thompson, in particular, is struggling to maintain his past level of performance and is finding it challenging to accept his new reality. But despite the spotlight on him, Kerr emphasized that the story should be about the team's win and the multiple players who stepped up.

Thompson is trying to find a balance between his past as one of the most clutch shooters in NBA history and his new reality. He is making little sacrifices to keep going, and the core players of the dynasty are acknowledging that the final years won't look like the brilliant first ones. As they get deeper into their careers, they understand the adjustments they need to make to continue winning at the highest level.

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