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Suns Kevin Durant hold off Warriors
  • 13th Dec 2023

Suns Kevin Durant hold off Warriors

Phoenix Suns beat Golden State Warriors 119-116, despite Kevin Durant's absence. Draymond Green ejected for hitting Jusuf Nurkic. Steph Curry scores 24.

What news can we find under Draymond Green News Section?

Ever wonder what's going on in the dynamic world of Draymond Green, the three-time NBA champion and star player of Golden State Warriors? Well let me tell you, there's always something exciting under the topic.

Firstly, many news stories center on his resilience. Were you aware that he had recently come back from a painful back injury? yes indeed!, despite this hurdle, it seems nothing could stop him from bouncing right back into those nail-biting matches! Just picture your favorite unstoppable hero emerging triumphantly from an arduous battle; yeah that would paint close to what Draymond does every time he gets onto the court.

In addition to this audacity, much buzz revolves around his basketball strategies... sound interesting already don't they?

You see like a chess grandmaster might meticulously plan for victory several moves ahead of times. His scintillating assists anchor major wins just as reliably as Robin helps Batman save Gotham - quite some sidekick isn’t he? Most pundits widely recognize him as one of the premier defense players in modern NBA history --a true defensive maestro if you will--.

Last but not least aren't we all intrigued by his antics beyond sport performance? Green doesn't shy away from controversy quite simply.

'Remember when', he publicly critiqued NFL’s salary structure describing them "little day contracts" compared to NBA’s guaranteed contacts? Sparks surely flew through sports discussions everywhere!

All said and done,"Every Draymond Green headline is another thrilling ride on roller coasters we call 'pro-sports'". So strap yourself in folks; because with him – The game is forever thrumming with high-intensity action!

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