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San Diego flooding victim sues city after 2018 storm, plans legal action

San Diego flood victims blame city for inadequate storm drains. Greg Montoya settled with the city after a 3-year battle. Flood damage continues.

Residents of Beta Street in San Diego County have been dealing with the aftermath of flooding and storm damage for years. Many have blamed the city and county governments for failing to maintain storm drains, leading to extensive damage and financial hardship for homeowners.

Greg Montoya, a homeowner on Beta Street, settled with the city in November 2023 after a three-year battle over the adequacy of storm drains. Despite the settlement, he claims that the drainage has not improved, and the recent deluge has left many residents bailing out their homes once again.

Montoya estimates that the flood waters from the recent storm caused about $350,000 in damage to his property, leaving his house and garage flooded. He has documented 20 years of requests to the city to fix the storm drains, but has seen little improvement.

The situation on Beta Street is dire, with homeowners comparing it to a war zone. Trash piles line the street, filled with debris from inside the flooded homes. Residents are left wondering how they will pay for the necessary rebuild, with many expressing fear of homelessness.

The city of San Diego has received storm-related claims from residents, but the process for filing these claims is complex and requires adherence to the California Government Code. Despite Montoya's numerous requests to the city to clean out the creek behind his house, many of these requests have gone unaddressed.

While the street department was finally seen cleaning out the creek, Montoya remains determined to fight for the necessary improvements. The city has provided resources for residents to file claims, but the situation on Beta Street serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle between homeowners and local governments to address storm drainage issues.

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