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Trisha Paytas urges to stop making memes about her and King Charles

Trisha Paytas asks internet to stop joking that her second baby is the reincarnation of the monarch, expressing discomfort toward the memes.

Trisha Paytas, a well-known YouTube personality, has been the target of a long-running online joke that suggests her children are the reincarnations of the Royal Family. However, she recently expressed discomfort with these jokes and asked the public to stop making memes about her kids and the monarchs.

The timing of Paytas' first and second pregnancies coincided with significant events related to the Royal Family. Her first child, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, was born less than a week after Queen Elizabeth II's death, leading to an influx of memes about the queen being reincarnated as Paytas' eldest daughter. Similarly, after it was announced that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer, Paytas quickly started trending on social media, with users making more jokes about the king dying and being reborn as Paytas' second child.

In a TikTok video, Paytas expressed her discomfort with the jokes and emphasized that she has no connection with or animosity toward the Royal Family. She also reminded people that they are joking about real, life-changing experiences, and that her kids and the king's health are not just internet fodder.

Paytas also addressed the public's opinions about King Charles, acknowledging that some people may have negative views of him due to his past marital problems with Princess Diana. However, she stressed that this is an actual baby inside of her, and seeing her name trending on social media gives her panic attacks.

Ultimately, Paytas made it clear that she wants her second child to be associated with "the king of rock and roll," Elvis, and not with the Royal Family. She also expressed her hope for King Charles III to make a speedy recovery.

It's important to remember that behind the jokes and memes, there are real people and real emotions involved. Paytas' request to stop making these jokes is a reminder to consider the impact of our words and actions on others.

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