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Royce ONeale addition seamless Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns acquire Royce O'Neale from Brooklyn Nets, adding a fearless, versatile player for the playoffs. Durant and Jones endorse him.

The Phoenix Suns general manager and president of basketball operations, James Jones, expressed his desire to acquire a player for the playoffs at the trade deadline. Royce O'Neale was identified as the perfect fit for this role. Jones emphasized O'Neale's track record, fearless attitude, and experience playing with successful teams and players, making him an ideal addition to the Suns' roster. O'Neale was acquired from the Brooklyn Nets in a three-team deal, showcasing the Suns' commitment to securing his services for the long term. His ability to contribute in various aspects of the game, including intangibles, open shots, and making his teammates better, was highlighted by O'Neale himself. His former teammate, Kevin Durant, praised O'Neale's basketball IQ, passing ability, and versatility, indicating that O'Neale's impact on the Suns will extend beyond scoring and defense. O'Neale expressed his excitement about joining the Suns and his belief that he will seamlessly integrate into the team's playing style. Durant further elaborated on O'Neale's defensive capabilities and his potential to initiate and connect the offense, emphasizing his versatility and work ethic. Overall, the addition of O'Neale to the Phoenix Suns' roster has been met with enthusiasm and high expectations for his impact on the team's performance.

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