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O.J. Simpson denies rumors of hospice and prostate cancer chemotherapy

O.J. Simpson is undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer, despite appearing healthy. He's hosting a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas.

O.J. Simpson has reportedly been undergoing chemotherapy, despite sharing a video on Friday where he appeared to be in good health. Earlier in the day, news broke that the 76-year-old had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, with a report from Miami's ABC affiliate Local10 citing sources close to the matter.

Simpson addressed rumors that he was in hospice care, sharing a video from behind the wheel of his car and stating, "I'm not in any hospice, I don't know who put that out there." He did not address the cancer or chemo reports, but mentioned that he was "hosting a ton of friends for the Super Bowl here in Las Vegas. All is well!"

In May, Simpson briefly mentioned that he had undergone chemotherapy for a cancer diagnosis in a separate video, stating that he had "unfortunately caught cancer" in recent years and "had to do the whole chemo thing." He clarified that he was "over the chemo stuff" now.

It is unclear whether the latest reports of prostate cancer are connected to the previous diagnosis he shared, but from the clip posted Friday, it appears he's at least healthy enough to host a Super Bowl party at his Las Vegas home. Simpson moved into a gated community in Las Vegas after serving nine years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery.

In 2007, he was caught leading a group of five men into a confrontation with sports collectibles dealers in a Las Vegas casino. Simpson maintained that he had aimed to take back personal mementos and items that were previously stolen from him. This incident came a little more than a decade after Simpson was acquitted in what became known as "The Trial of the Century," surrounding the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

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