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Terrible Towel Tales: Micah Parsons criticizes T.J. Watt

"Pittsburgh Steelers aim for Justin Fields. Team's QB situation murky. Rooney regrets Pickett's injury. Rudolph's future uncertain. Who will lead Steelers?"

Welcome to Terrible Towel Tales, where we bring you the latest Steelers news every Monday through Saturday. In today's news...

In a recent interview with CBS Radio, Parsons claimed to be the best pure speed pass rusher in the league. He backed up his claim by pointing to his win rate, which he believes makes him the top pass rusher. He also mentioned other players like Myles, Maxx, and Nick Bosa, but emphasized that the stats don't lie. He even suggested that Alex Highsmith might have had a better pass rush win rate than T.J. Watt. Parsons is confident in his abilities and isn't afraid to back it up with statistics.

The question on everyone's mind is whether the Pittsburgh Steelers are the frontrunners to acquire Justin Fields this offseason. It's clear that the Steelers are in need of a quarterback, especially after benching Kenny Pickett in a playoff game in favor of Mason Rudolph. This move doesn't inspire confidence in Pickett, and with Rudolph's impending free agency, the Steelers are facing uncertainty at the quarterback position. The firing of former offensive coordinator Matt Canada has only added to the confusion surrounding Pickett's potential. Team owner Rooney expressed regret that Pickett got injured and couldn't finish the season, as they would have liked to see his performance down the stretch.

It's evident that the Steelers have some tough decisions to make in the offseason, and the quarterback position is at the top of the list. With Parsons making bold claims about his pass-rushing abilities and the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback situation, it's shaping up to be an eventful offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stay tuned for more updates on Terrible Towel Tales.

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