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So, are you curious about the recent buzz under the sports headline concerning Kenny Pickett? Allow me to read your mind and perhaps even a little beyond. Let's take a journey together down this path so mysterious yet exhilarating.

Who is Kenny Pickett? Good start! We're at the beginning of our tunnel. He's nothing less than an NFL prospect making his waves as a remarkable quarterback for Pittsburgh Panthers college football team. Quite impressive, right?

But wait— there's more! Did you know that he became one of those rare players who decided to return for his fifth season with Pitt in 2021 after COVID-19 gifted him such an opportunity? Think about it; choosing to stay back despite being almost on par with pro level NFL signals bodes well for someone like him, doesn't it?

Taking it few steps further into this amazing player’s journey: just recently (hold your breath), Pickett went viral on social media because of "the fake slide." Yes, that jaw-dropping moment when he faked 'sliding'-a strategy often used by quarterbacks to avoid a tackle-and then sprinted towards the end zone instead! Don't we all love moments that keep us guessing!

Such surprising tactics probably should not come as much surprising anymore given Kenny has previously been named ACC Player Of The Year again emphasizing how skilled he is in making each moment count!

To sum up everything — There you have some hot cooked news stories which revolve around Kenny Picket: A person filled with talent and surprises ready unique ways which could get public really talking!

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