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Draymond Green Parting Words Kevin Durant Game-Saving Stop Warriors Win

Intense showdown between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green as Steph Curry steals the show in Warriors' win over Suns. Drama!

In the latest showdown between Kevin Durant and his former teammate Draymond Green at Chase Center, tensions ran high on the court. Known for his dramatics, Draymond took it to the next level by shouting words at Durant after making a game-saving stop at the end of the game.

Despite Durant's 24 points, it was Steph Curry who stole the show with 30 points, including a last-minute, turnaround three-pointer that secured the win for the Warriors. Curry has been demonstrating all season that he's still capable of being the best player on a championship team. The win put the Warriors back at .500 for the season and solidified their position in the play-in bracket in the West.

On the other hand, the Suns have been performing well with their stars healthy, but inconsistent play from their supporting cast and lackluster defense raise doubts about their ability to win another championship. With Durant at 35 years old, the Suns can't afford to wait to improve and need to see results immediately.

The intense game between the Suns and the Warriors may have been influenced by the extensive history between Durant and Green. While the two have reportedly resolved their issues, their past conflicts likely contributed to the intensity of the game.

The story of Durant and the Warriors involves Draymond playing a significant role in both its beginning and end. After winning two championships together, their relationship suffered irreparable damage during their third season. This led to Durant's departure from the team, with him acknowledging Draymond's role in his decision.

The Warriors and the Suns are on different paths, with the Warriors relying heavily on Curry's brilliance while the Suns hold a better record. Despite this, Durant may have to face his former teammates on his path to the NBA Finals this season.

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