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Jennifer Lopez Warns Women About Husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez playfully warns women not to flirt with husband Ben Affleck in a TODAY show segment. It's gone viral.

During a segment on TODAY With Hoda & Jenna, Jennifer Lopez playfully warned women not to flirt with her husband, Ben Affleck. In a game called This is Me...Now...Or Then?, she was asked a series of questions about her life, including whether she gets jealous if someone hits on her significant other. Jennifer immediately scowled and held up her "NOW" paddle, making it clear that she is not one to be messed with. She stated that she is a lover, not a fighter, but would let someone know in an elegant and ladylike way to back off if they started flirting with Ben.

During the appearance, Jennifer looked stunning in a black winter suit and plaid beret, just ahead of the release of her new album, This Is Me... Now, which is inspired by the first leg of her romance with Ben. The accompanying movie, This Is Me...Now: A Love Story, is also set to drop on Friday, February 16.

Jennifer and Ben, famously known as "Bennifer" in the early 2000s, called off their engagement in 2004 and both went on to marry and have children with other spouses. However, two decades later, they rekindled their romance and got married in a surprise Vegas ceremony in July 2022, followed by a bigger celebration the next month.

In an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, Jennifer spoke about how she was content with her life when Ben re-entered the picture, and he had a similar experience. This shows that their love story has come full circle, and they are now ready to embrace their relationship once again.

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