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Philly polyamory coach answers burning questions on this relationship style

Polyamory is on the rise, with 10% of US singles having experience. Polyamory coach and author Kevin Patterson discusses misconceptions.

Polyamory, the practice of maintaining multiple romantic and sexual relationships with the consent of everyone involved, is gaining popularity and visibility. In January alone, the media featured articles and books on the subject, reflecting a growing interest in non-monogamous relationships.

According to the Kinsey Institute, over 10% of all U.S. single adults reported personal experience with polyamory in 2021, indicating a shift away from traditional monogamous relationships. Kevin Patterson, a veteran of non-monogamous life and a polyamory coach, has been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years. In addition to his work as a technical writer, Patterson is the author of the book "Love's Not Colorblind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities."

Patterson, who is married with two children and involved with three other partners, emphasizes the importance of autonomy, respect, and communication in polyamorous relationships. He believes that misconceptions about polyamory stem from societal norms and lack of representation. He also addresses common concerns such as jealousy and communication, emphasizing the need for open dialogue and intentional time spent together.

As the representation of polyamory evolves, Patterson notes the influence of younger generations and the accessibility of the internet in exploring alternative relationship structures. He also dispels the sensationalized portrayal of polyamory in the media, highlighting the everyday aspects of family life that coexist with non-traditional relationships.

In addressing the challenges of coming out as polyamorous, Patterson advises individuals to be confident in their identity and communicate openly with friends and family. He also emphasizes the importance of providing context and information to children about non-monogamous relationships, regardless of their age.

Overall, Patterson's insights shed light on the complexities and nuances of polyamory, challenging stereotypes and encouraging open-mindedness in understanding alternative relationship structures.

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