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WH mentions national security threat from Russia: What you need to know

White House Advisor to meet House leaders to address national security threat. Intelligence Committee seeks declassification of sensitive Russian capability.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has recently made information on a severe national security danger available to all members of Congress, according to Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has announced plans to meet with House leadership to discuss this national security threat. Sullivan stated that he has offered himself up for a personal briefing and that a briefing for House members of the Gang of Eight is scheduled for tomorrow.

Sullivan expressed confidence in President Joe Biden's decisions and assured the public that Biden would ensure the security of the American people going forward. Turner has urged President Biden to declassify information about the unspecified danger so that administration officials, US politicians, and US allies can consider how to respond to it.

According to CNN, a source familiar with the material described it as a highly concerning and destabilizing Russian capability. The intelligence is considered very sensitive, and Fox News reported that the material Turner is asking the Biden administration to declassify is tied to space.

This development comes as the US Senate granted final authorization to a $95 billion wartime assistance package for Ukraine, "Israel," and Taiwan. The bill passed with a vote of 70 to 29, with a majority of Democrats and 22 Republicans supporting it. The package includes $60 billion for Ukraine to bolster its military capabilities and replenish US weaponry deployed to the frontline. It also allocates $14 billion to support "Israel" and the US in military activities across the Middle East, as well as over $8 billion to bolster US partners in the Indo-Pacific, particularly Taiwan, as a deterrent to potential Chinese aggression.

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