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Music Review Friday Spotlight: 16 Carriages and Texas Hold Em by Beyonce

Beyonce showcases her country music talent with the release of new tracks, proving she can defy all boundaries in music.

Shortly after the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, Beyonce made a splash with a commercial for Verizon that showcased her ability to defy all boundaries. From playing the saxophone to running for "Beyonce of the United States," or BOTUS, a play on the phrase POTUS, or President of the U.S., she demonstrated her versatility and creativity.

The release of tracks "16 Carriages" and "Texas Hold 'Em" further solidified Beyonce's ability to break new ground in music. She ventured into the Country Music genre, which has been historically trailblazed by the African American community in the U.S.

In "16 Carriages," Beyonce reflects on her journey, using poignant lyrics to signify the loss of her childhood at the young age of 16 when she left to join the girl group Destiny's Child. The song captures her experience of chasing her dreams and building a life for herself and her parents.

This is not the first time Beyonce has shared her country music talents or shed light on her childhood. In her 2016 album, "Lemonade," she showcased her Texan heritage with the song "Daddy Lessons," where she opens up about her relationship with her father growing up.

"16 Carriages" is a continuation of "Daddy Lessons," both songs reflecting the experience of growing up and leaving childhood behind at an early age, a common experience among child superstars.

In "Texas Hold 'Em," Beyonce shines a light on her hometown of Houston and the roots of country music within the African American community. The song features playful lyrics and a light whistling tune, showcasing the traditional dancing music elements of country music. The use of a banjo, a West African instrument brought to the United States by slaves, adds depth to the song.

Beyonce has never been afraid to show her Texan heritage, and in "I Been On," she pays homage to her hometown through lyrics that reference Houstonian culture.

These two singles not only showcase Beyonce's wide range within the country music genre but also her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level.

With the launch of these singles, Beyonce released a teaser for her upcoming album "Renaissance: Act II," set to release on March 29. This album is a follow-up to "Renaissance: Act I," which celebrated dance house music, a genre built by the black LGBTQ+ community in the 1970s and '80s. It is rumored that the final act of the Renaissance trilogy will be of the rock genre, another genre trailblazed by the black community.

Beyonce's "Renaissance" series is a revival of art, and it continues to showcase her trailblazing role in the revival of popular country music by black artists. She proves that she is indeed BOTUS, breaking boundaries and redefining what it means to be a versatile artist.

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