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"NVIDIA Stock Momentum Swings, Google Amazon Lead Again"

"Nvidia's stock takes a hit as it loses $78 billion in market value, but Wall Street continues to bet big on AI."

NVIDIA's recent stock market performance has been a rollercoaster ride, with the company experiencing both record highs and significant losses in a short period of time. The chip maker's stocks soared to new heights, surpassing Elon Musk's AI company Tesla as the most traded on the market, only to face a sharp decline the day before the highly anticipated fourth-quarter results.

The company started the year with a remarkable 47% year-to-date gain, riding the wave of stock momentum from the previous year. However, the tables quickly turned, and NVIDIA suffered a staggering $78 billion loss in market value.

At one point, the stock price plummeted to $741 per share, with a market cap of $1.83 trillion, surpassing tech giants like Amazon and Alphabet. But the dip in Nvidia shares, by as much as 8.6%, caused the market cap to drop to $1.67 trillion before the stock began to recover. As a result, Amazon and Alphabet once again took the lead over the chip maker.

CNBC's Cramer emphasized the long-term implications of these fluctuations, stating, "Open your eyes, people. If you think that Nvidia's quarter is one and done, you're also thinking that AI is one and done." This sentiment reflects the significant impact of AI on the company's future prospects, as Wall Street continues to place big bets on the industry, with NVIDIA emerging as a key player.

The upcoming GTC conference in San Jose, CA has become a focal point, as the demand for chips in the market continues to rise. The event, scheduled for March, is expected to provide updates on Blackwell, NVIDIA's next-gen architecture. The company has already confirmed its roadmap for 2024-25, featuring Blackwell and its B100 and GB200 models.

A teaser video has offered a glimpse of the capabilities of generative AI, showcasing applications such as the WPP/NVIDIA engine for digital advertising, Chat with RTX, an industrial metaverse powered by SyncTwin, AI art by Refik Anadol Studio, and OpenAI's code for Blender animations.

Wall Street analysts are closely monitoring the company's demand outlook for its AI-enabled H100 GPU chips, which can command prices upwards of $40,000. The anticipation surrounding NVIDIA's future developments and its role in the rapidly evolving AI landscape continues to drive both excitement and uncertainty in the market.

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