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Resolution of The Rookie's Cliffhanger and Chenford Conflict: Will Time Jump Cause Problems?

The Rookie is back for Season 6, but without the spinoff. The premiere had a major cliffhanger to resolve.

The Rookie is returning for its sixth season in the 2024 TV schedule, but fans will have to wait a little longer for The Rookie: Feds spinoff, as it has been canceled. The season 6 premiere had a lot to cover, including resolving a major cliffhanger from May 2023 and dropping some hints for Chenford fans. "Strike Back" managed to address these issues, but the time jump left me with some questions and potential problems for the rest of the season.

The cliffhanger from Season 5 turned out to be an elaborate heist at the Federal Reserve. The premiere picked up shortly after that episode, with the Mid-Wilshire crew dealing with the aftermath. Lucy and Tim's partnership from the Season 5 finale was still evident, but they were worse for the wear when the episode started. However, the time jump of just six weeks seemed to resolve the heist quickly, but also introduced new conflicts for the characters.

The conflict between Lucy and Tim was set up for potential cuteness, but it quickly turned into a genuine fight by the end of the episode. The time jump of six weeks didn't seem to help matters, and I suspect it will cause some problems for the show in the future. The promo for the next episode also indicates that there won't be a big time jump, and the milestone 100th episode will be set at least partly during Nolan and Bailey's wedding.

This conflict between Lucy and Tim will need to be addressed, and a time jump now seems unlikely. The show has struggled with its timeline in the past, and it might be best to not worry too much about the details. Despite these issues, I'm optimistic about the sixth season as a whole and looking forward to the 100th episode.

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