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Bitcoin price drops 8% amidst ongoing cryptocurrency decline
  • 18th Aug 2023

Bitcoin price drops 8% amidst ongoing cryptocurrency decline

Bitcoin's price fell by nearly 8% in an hour of frenzied trading, erasing most of its gains since June. The sell-off coincided with news that Elon Musk's SpaceX had written down the value of its bitcoin holdings by $373mn and sold the cryptocurrency. The volatility comes as US regulators crack down on the sector and as expectations of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve are reassessed.

What news can we find under Federal Reserve News Section?

Ever wondered what news stories you might find if you search for the 'Federal Reserve'? Strap in and let's take a tour together! Think Wall Street but with less glamour, more sophistication. Just like how a backstage crew operates, typically unseen, but holding power over the entire production.

A common type of article involves changes in interest rates - think tugs-of-war where each minute shift can cause major ripples throughout our global economic pond. Every now and then they'll announce an adjustment to these rates or hold steady amidst changing conditions, akin to sailors adjusting sails amidst shifting winds. Will they increase or decrease?, that's always the million dollar question driving speculations nationwide!

You'd also likely find pieces covering 'quantitative easing.' This is when Fed gets its metaphorical money printer going; quickly turning blank paper into hard cash to boost our economy. It’s sort of like your friend paying off a pizza delivery guy to bring four extra pizzas at your next hangout – suddenly there’s plenty for everyone!

Beyond this are discussions about inflation trends – defined as gradual hikes in market-wide prices we pay regularly – anything from groceries to gasoline! 'Is it ticking up' - holds many spellbound as every tick could mean everything becoming pricier overnight!

In conclusion, searching 'Federal Reserve' opens doorways leading towards intriguing financial corridors dominated by interest rate decisions, quantitative easing measures and trend-watching on inflation. These topics shape countless narratives within business sections daily and touch upon all layers of society- from Wall St giants stooping through pinstriped shadows down to grocery shoppers worriedly eyeing increasing price tags.

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