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Purdue takeover Crisler Center true low point Michigan basketball freefall

Michigan's basketball program hit a new low with Purdue fans taking over Crisler Center. Wolverines deserve respect for fighting.

Sunday's game at Crisler Center was a low point for the U-M program. It was clear that the Boilermakers fans had taken over the atmosphere, which was disappointing and disheartening for the Wolverines. However, it's important to acknowledge the effort and toughness that the Wolverines displayed, despite being overmatched and undermanned. They fought hard and competed, which deserves respect, especially in the face of a difficult season.

Head coach Juwan Howard also deserves some credit for getting his players to compete, although it's the minimum expectation for his role. The Wolverines have been struggling with roster construction and program building, which is something that Howard will need to address in the offseason. The fact that Purdue fans were louder than Michigan State fans at Crisler is a testament to the disappointing and unusual circumstances that the Wolverines faced.

It's evident that the atmosphere at Crisler was unique and unsettling, with thousands of Purdue fans cheering against the Wolverines. This was a new and disheartening experience for the players, as well as for the fans. Even Purdue's coach and players noticed the unusual atmosphere and were taken aback by it, which is a testament to the impact it had on the game.

Ultimately, the game against Purdue was a low point for the U-M program, as the Boilermakers managed to demolish whatever spirit was left in the team. Despite the effort and competitiveness shown by the Wolverines, the overwhelming presence of Purdue fans and the unusual atmosphere at Crisler made it a difficult and disappointing experience for everyone involved.

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