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Death row killer Ivan Cantu last words desperate plea innocence

Kim Kardashian-backed Ivan Cantu, 50, executed despite innocence plea for 2000 double murder, last words a desperate plea for justice.

Ivan Cantu, a 50-year-old Texas inmate, was executed despite his lawyer's efforts to reopen his case. His last words were a heartfelt plea to prove his innocence. Cantu was put to death for the murder of his cousin and his cousin's girlfriend over two decades ago, becoming the second person to be executed in the US this year.

Throughout the entire process, Cantu maintained his innocence, with celebrities and Catholic groups rallying behind him. In his final moments, he professed, "I did not kill James and Amy." He addressed the families of the victims, expressing his innocence and willingness to provide closure if he had any information.

Cantu thanked his mother, Sylvia Cantu, for her unwavering support and all those who stood by him. Quoting a bible verse, he bravely faced his fate, saying, "Warden I'm ready." Pronounced dead at 6.47pm local time in Huntsville, Texas, Cantu's execution had been scheduled for 6pm.

Convicted in 2001 for the murders of his cousin and his girlfriend, Cantu proclaimed his innocence, claiming the incident was a result of a drug dealer's conflict with his cousin over money, not a robbery. Despite testimonies supporting his innocence, Cantu was sentenced to death.

Over the years, prominent figures like Martin Sheen, Kim Kardashian, and Texas politicians advocated for Cantu's case. Human rights organizations, including Catholics Mobilizing Network (CMN), also supported his innocence claims. Cantu's execution, despite the ongoing efforts to prove his innocence, highlights the complexities and challenges of the justice system.

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