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North Korean political prisoners working at nuke sites: defector

North Korean defector reveals forced labor at nuclear sites, putting political prisoners at risk of radiation exposure, sparking further investigation.

A recent account from a North Korean defector has brought to light the harsh reality of forced labor at nuclear sites in Pyongyang. This explicit testimony reveals the dangerous working conditions political prisoners are subjected to, putting them at risk of radiation exposure.

The defector, who escaped North Korea in 2019, described the conditions at these nuclear facilities as "prison-like," highlighting the mandatory forced labor imposed on political prisoners. Despite the perks offered to workers, such as reduced military service from 10 to 5 years and benefits like college education and party membership, few ordinary people are willing to work there due to fears of radiation exposure.

The defector shared stories of hearing about workers dying within three years of serving at these facilities due to exposure to radioactive materials. This testimony is the first concrete evidence of political prisoners being forced to work at a nuclear facility, according to the Korea Institute for National Unification.

In response to these claims, South Korea's Ministry of Unification stated that further verification is needed as there is currently no information on the existence of political prison camps or forced labor at nuclear sites. This testimony comes shortly after the Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Sciences released a report on the exposure to radiation among North Korean defectors who lived near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

The report revealed that out of 17 defectors tested for chromosomal aberrations, 15 had been exposed to radiation in North Korea before escaping. While the exposure is believed to be linked to North Korea's nuclear tests, a direct causal relationship cannot be definitively established. This account sheds light on the harsh reality faced by political prisoners in North Korea and the dangers they endure while working at nuclear facilities.

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