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USWNT vs Canada Weather: World Cup Winners Sam Mewis, Julie Foudy Join Social Media Outcry Over Rainy Conditions

USWNT vs. Canada battle on waterlogged pitch, sparking safety concerns. Fans and players alike express displeasure over field conditions.

The U.S. women's national soccer team and Canada are facing off in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup semifinal, but they are not only battling each other - they are also contending with the unpredictable opponent of Mother Nature.

The weather in San Diego has not been cooperative, with the USWNT and Canada playing on a waterlogged pitch at Snapdragon Stadium on Wednesday night. The saturated field has sparked outrage on social media, with prominent figures in the soccer community expressing concern for player safety and criticizing the poor conditions.

The wet surface not only poses a higher risk of injury but also hampers the flow of the game. Puddles on the pitch make it difficult to complete passes and virtually impossible to dribble the ball, even for the most skilled athletes.

Despite the challenging conditions, the match goes on. As the USWNT faces off against Canada in the Gold Cup semifinal, the weather remains a significant factor in the game.

The rain in San Diego has created a subpar playing surface, evident in the passing stats that show both teams struggling to maintain possession. With less than half of their pass attempts successful, the players are finding it difficult to navigate the waterlogged field.

While the match continues amidst the adverse conditions, many online voices have called for a halt to the game. Former USWNT stars Samantha Mewis and Julie Foudy have expressed their dissatisfaction with CONCACAF's decision to proceed with the match, while San Diego State head coach has urged the organization to prioritize player safety and postpone the game.

Despite the outcry, the decision to continue the match ultimately lies with the referee, according to a CONCACAF spokesperson. The referee determines whether the field is safe and playable, not the organization.

The winner of this challenging contest will advance to face Brazil in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup final, scheduled for Sunday, March 10. As the USWNT and Canada battle it out on the rain-soaked field, the outcome of the match remains uncertain, with both teams facing the dual challenges of their opponent and the elements.

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