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Apple lifts EU app store ban for Fortnite-maker Epic

Apple agrees to allow Epic Games to develop a European app store for iPhones after dispute, complying with new tech law.

Apple has made a significant decision to allow Epic Games to develop a competing European app store for iPhones, marking a major shift in their ongoing feud. This change comes after the two companies engaged in discussions regarding the new Digital Markets Act, a groundbreaking European law that aims to promote competition within the tech industry.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that Epic Games has committed to following the rules outlined in the DMA policies. As a result, Epic Sweden AB has been granted permission to re-sign the developer agreement and join the Apple Developer Program. This development is seen as a victory for European rule of law, as well as a positive step towards promoting freedom for developers worldwide.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney expressed his satisfaction with Apple's decision, highlighting the importance of upholding the principles of the European Commission and supporting developers' rights to speak out. The company had previously faced challenges in launching its own app store for its popular video game Fortnite on Apple devices in Europe.

The ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple has been a focal point in the tech industry, with both companies seeking to address issues related to access to app stores and fees for purchases made on their platforms. The implementation of the DMA has brought about concrete results, with Apple reversing its decision to exclude Epic Games from its developer program.

Overall, this development showcases the impact of regulatory laws on big tech companies and highlights the importance of promoting competition and innovation within the industry. The decision to allow Epic Games to develop a competing app store for iPhones marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to create a more open and competitive digital marketplace.

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