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Ramadan: Muslim group urges Islamic clerics to preach solutions to Nigeria's problems

Muslim clerics in Kogi State urged to focus on societal issues during Ramadan, address corruption, injustice, and promote unity and peace.

During this year's Ramadan fast, Muslims nationwide are observing the holy month with devotion and reflection. In Kogi State, Islamic clerics have been called upon to use their platform to address the societal issues plaguing our communities.

The Chairman of Jama'atu Nasril Islam in Kogi State, Amb. Usman Bello, made this call during the association's annual pre-Ramadan briefing in Lokoja. He emphasized the importance of delivering preachings that focus on distinguishing between what is permissible (halal) and what is forbidden (Haram), while also guiding Muslims away from ambiguous and questionable acts.

Bello stressed the need for Ulama to avoid controversial topics that could potentially divide the Muslim community and instead focus on issues that can positively impact individuals, families, and society as a whole. He highlighted the importance of addressing prevalent societal problems such as corruption, injustice, political thuggery, adultery, secret societies, cultism, witchcraft, ritual killings, breakdown of family systems, gambling, and intoxication.

Furthermore, Bello emphasized the significance of correctly observing Salat (prayers) and the proper collection and distribution of Zakkat. He urged Muslim clerics to address the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah, including poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, backwardness, and low socio-economic status, during their preachings. The concept of Maslaha (co-existence) and the importance of Muslim unity, brotherhood, and respect for differing opinions should also be emphasized.

In addition, Bello advised against promoting personal opinions or creeds during Tafseer sessions, encouraging clerics to use their refined language and knowledge to educate and uplift their communities. He emphasized the need for continuous learning, research, and understanding of community norms and values.

The State Government's efforts in promoting peaceful co-existence among religious bodies were commended, with the establishment of inter-religious councils to ensure harmony and tolerance between Muslims and Christians in the state. Bello reminded everyone of the accountability they will face for their actions and urged all to fear Allah in their activities and behaviors.

In conclusion, Bello reiterated the importance of upholding the principles of peace in Islam and encouraged all Muslims to adhere to these principles steadfastly. The message is clear: unity, tolerance, and respect are essential for a harmonious society where all can thrive.

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