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Brandy Melville Stores Hell Earth
  • 10th Apr 2024

Brandy Melville Stores Hell Earth

HBO documentary exposes Brandy Melville's fast fashion nightmare: racism, sexism, exploitation of young girls. Ethical questions raised about popular teen brand.

Danny Masterson Sentencing: Laura Prepon Faces Criticism for Silence
  • 8th Sep 2023

Danny Masterson Sentencing: Laura Prepon Faces Criticism for Silence

Actor Danny Masterson has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the rape of two women. Masterson, known for his role in That '70s Show, has been accused of crimes by netizens, who believe actress Laura Prepon, who dated Masterson's brother, protected him. Masterson, a practitioner of Scientology, was found guilty by a jury. Netizens expect Prepon to address the issue.

What news can we find under Cult News Section?

Curious about the swathes of news content that exist under the banner topic of 'Cult'? Well, let's dive in and demystify this rather intriguing subject.

First off - what the heck is a cult anyway? Good question! In its simplest form it refers to groups characterized by veneration for an individual or an idea. And boy, does this attract some fascinating headlines!

'Doomsday cult leader caught!' 'Escapee from secretive sect shares story,' Honestly, you couldn't make these up if you tried! The stories often start harmless enough: A charismatic person with newfound spiritual enlightenment gathers like-minded followers. Sound familiar?

No harm there right? Friends coming together around shared interests isn't unusual after all. But then we introduce intense devotion or manipulation into our wee metaphorical stew and BANG, things become complicated.

One day your friend announces they've decided to give away all their possessions for their new-found love (not a gorgeous human alien lord?). Next thing you know newspapers are splashed with dramatic titles like 'Extraterrestrial Enthusiasm – How Cults Adapt Sci-Fi' . At times entertaining but also deeply sobering when reflecting on individuals involved.

Cult news doesn’t always focus on fanatical religious sects though; oh no dear reader! Other frequently seen sub-genres include retrospectives focusing on famous historical cult movements (Jonestown anyone?). Or how about societal analysis pieces dissecting why people join such distinct groups in first place (it’s not just because they’re offered tasty communal stews by any means!). This broad diversity ensures readers never tire from insightful reports within ‘cult’ category.

We began thinking 'cult = crazies'. Yet journey deeper reveals powerful stories about human nature itself. So next time we see those catchy headlines remember- beneath otherworldly nonsense lie real tales worth understanding. Now wouldn’t that be something?

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