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Kate Middleton photo editing confession sparks Christmas card manipulation accusations

Kate Middleton admits to editing Mother's Day portrait, sparking speculation about previous royal photos, including the 2023 Christmas card.

Kate Middleton's admission of photo editing in a Mother's Day portrait has sparked new accusations of manipulation in a Christmas card image. The portrait, released by Kensington Palace, featured Middleton with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. However, major photo agencies removed the image from their libraries due to suspected digital alterations.

This confession by Middleton is unprecedented for the royal family and has reignited speculation about previous royal portraits being edited. In particular, the 2023 Christmas card image, taken by Josh Shinner, raised eyebrows as Prince Louis' finger appeared to be missing. Some online commentators believed the image was manipulated, while others thought Louis had simply tucked his finger under his palm.

Following Middleton's admission of editing the Mother's Day portrait, users on social media platforms like X questioned why the Christmas card image wasn't recalled by photo agencies. Some suggested that the agencies were fueling speculation about Middleton's well-being and whereabouts. Others expressed surprise that the palace hadn't learned from the Christmas card controversy before releasing the Mother's Day portrait.

It remains to be seen if Middleton's confession will address concerns about her absence from public appearances. Shinner, Kensington Palace, the Associated Press, and Reuters have not yet commented on the situation. The ongoing debate highlights the scrutiny faced by public figures like Middleton and the impact of digital editing in the age of social media.

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