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Xcel Energy Power Outage for Front Range Wildfire Prevention

Xcel Energy plans power shutoffs in high wind areas to prevent wildfires, affecting 55,000 customers. Prepare for potential extended outages.

This weekend, Xcel Energy is preparing for wind gusts as high as 55 mph, leading to a planned power shutoff in certain areas starting at 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. The company stated that the power shutoff is a precautionary measure to ensure public safety and reduce the risk of wildfires. Approximately 55,000 customers may be affected by this planned outage, particularly in communities in Boulder County and small sections of Gilpin, Jefferson, Larimer, Douglas, and Broomfield counties. Communities in the West Denver metro area along the foothills will also experience power interruptions.

Xcel Energy emphasized that de-energizing power lines is a last resort to prevent wildfires and protect the community. The company will only restore power once the high fire risk has passed, conditions are safe, and crews have visually inspected the lines for any damages caused by the extreme winds. Customers who rely on medical equipment that requires electricity are advised to make necessary preparations for potential extended outages.

In response to weather-related power outages, Xcel Energy is implementing a new approach to restoring power. Previously, the system would automatically attempt to restore power within seconds of an outage caused by weather conditions. However, in this instance, Xcel will delay automatic restoration and conduct patrols to ensure the area is safe before restoring power. As a result, power outages may last longer, but crews will be on standby to patrol the area and restore power once it is deemed safe.

As the Denver metro area braces for a major windstorm with gusts of up to 100 mph possible, Xcel Energy is taking proactive measures to safeguard public safety and minimize the risk of wildfires. Customers are encouraged to stay informed about the situation and follow any updates provided by the company.

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