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Emily Blunt annoyed Ryan Gosling still singing Ken song

Ryan Gosling's SNL monologue reveals his deep connection to Ken, leading to a heartfelt Taylor Swift cover and playful intervention from Emily Blunt.

Ryan Gosling's monologue on Saturday Night Live showcases his enduring fascination with the iconic Barbie character, Ken. Despite initially claiming that he was done with Ken and it was over, Gosling ended up pouring his heart out through a rendition of Taylor Swift's hit song All Too Well.

In a heartfelt moment, the La La Land star confessed, "When you immerse yourself in a character for so long, letting go feels like a breakup. And when dealing with a breakup, there's only one thing that can truly help: the music of the amazing Taylor Swift." With that, he belted out, "I swear Venice Beach is true, my clothes were tight, but something about that spandex felt so right..."

However, his emotional serenade was interrupted by Emily Blunt, who jokingly scolded him for still fixating on Ken when they were supposed to be promoting their upcoming film The Fall Guy. "What are you doing? We had stunts planned, and here you are singing about Ken again," she chided.

Despite Blunt's attempts to steer him back on track, Gosling seemed unable to let go of his attachment to Ken. As he crooned, "Here we are again on the technicolour beach, I didn't win the Oscar it was just out of reach," Blunt finally took matters into her own hands and playfully hit him over the head with a bottle.

In the end, Blunt reminded Gosling that it was time to move on from Ken, but the actor couldn't resist one final outburst of emotion through song. As the audience chuckled at their antics, Blunt reassured Gosling that he could handle the stunts in their film, just like Ken would.

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