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Katie Couric Calls Out Former Today Co-Anchor Bryant Gumbel for Sexist Attitude

Veteran journalist Katie Couric reveals how Kobe Bryant criticized her for taking maternity leave on Bill Maher's podcast. #KatieCouric #KobeBryant

During a recent episode of Bill Maher's 'Club Random' podcast, veteran journalist Katie Couric shared a story about an encounter with the late Kobe Bryant. She recounted how Bryant reacted when she took maternity leave, revealing that he was not pleased with her decision to take time off after having her first baby.

In the episode that aired on Sunday, April 14, Katie recalled Bryant's reaction, stating, "He got mad at me because I was doing something on maternity leave." She went on to explain, "And he was giving me endless s**t for taking like a month or two off. I was having my first baby."

Katie further detailed how Bryant questioned why she couldn't just "drop it in the field and come back to work right away." Despite Bill Maher suggesting that Bryant may have been joking, Katie insisted, "No, he was kidding. He was goofing on me but giving me a lot of s**t but it was emblematic of an incredibly sexist attitude."

Describing the 75-year-old Bryant as a "guy's guy," Katie acknowledged his talent as a broadcaster, noting his eloquence and precision during live broadcasts. She praised his ability to hit the countdown perfectly every time.

Katie, who shares daughters Ellie, 32, and Carrie, 28, with her late husband Jay Monahan, recently became a grandmother after Ellie welcomed her first child, a son named John Albert Dobrosky. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Katie shared the news of her grandson's birth and revealed that he would be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather.

Expressing her joy over becoming a grandmother, Katie wrote, "Mom and Dad (Ellie and Mark) are over the moon (it was a full moon) I am thrilled to have my first grandchild, Carrie can't wait to be a cool Aunt and Molner is enjoying handing out cigars. We feel so blessed." She also encouraged her followers to read more about the special day in her book Wake-Up Call.

Overall, Katie's story about her interaction with Kobe Bryant sheds light on the challenges faced by working mothers and the persistence of sexist attitudes in the workplace. Her candid recounting of the incident provides insight into the complexities of gender dynamics in professional settings.

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