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Storm lashes United Arab Emirates, Dubai diverts flights

Gulf states hit by deadly floods as heavy rain causes chaos, Dubai Airport operations temporarily diverted, flights resume after two hours.

The Gulf states have been hit by heavy rain, leading to flash flooding and causing chaos across the region. Flights to the world's busiest international airport in Dubai were diverted as a result of the severe weather conditions.

Dubai Airport reported that operations had to be temporarily diverted but have since resumed. In Oman, authorities confirmed that at least 18 people lost their lives due to the floods. Some states in the region experienced nearly a year's worth of rain in just one day.

Unverified videos circulating from Dubai International Airport showed planes navigating flooded runways, leaving waves in their wake. The airport issued a statement explaining that inbound flights scheduled for Tuesday evening were diverted due to the ongoing extreme weather conditions in the UAE. However, departures continued to operate, and flights resumed after a two-hour interruption.

The UAE's National Centre of Meteorology issued a weather warning for several areas, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. While the Gulf region is typically known for hot and dry weather, instances of heavy rain and flooding have become more frequent in recent years.

In Oman, the death toll from flash floods rose to 18, with some individuals still missing. Tragically, 10 students aged between 10 and 15 lost their lives when the vehicle they were in was swept away while attempting to cross a flooded area.

Footage from Bahrain showed cars stranded in flooded streets, highlighting the widespread impact of the severe weather. Some experts attribute these unusual weather patterns to climate change, warning that such extreme storms may become more common as the planet continues to warm.

As the average global temperature rises, the atmosphere can hold more moisture, leading to increased rainfall and more intense storms. The UAE, a major oil producer, hosted the COP28 climate change conference last year, underscoring the importance of addressing climate issues on a global scale.

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