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Lucy Letby: Hospital bosses urged for corporate manslaughter probe
  • 20th Aug 2023

Lucy Letby: Hospital bosses urged for corporate manslaughter probe

A retired consultant paediatrician is calling for an investigation into the "grossly negligent" bosses at the Countess of Chester Hospital who failed to act on concerns about nurse Lucy Letby, who was recently convicted of murdering seven babies. Consultants had raised concerns as early as 2015, but hospital management did not involve the police until 2017. The former chair of the hospital trust has claimed that the board was "misled" by executives, while another former chief executive has called for a full public inquiry.

Mother says Lucy Letby was 'faffing' when baby covered in blood
  • 18th Aug 2023

Mother says Lucy Letby was 'faffing' when baby covered in blood

Nurse Lucy Letby was accused of "faffing" while a baby she murdered was covered in blood, according to the baby's mother. Letby was convicted of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six more. The parents of one of the babies said they trusted Letby completely.

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