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Dom's Kitchen and Foxtrot to Close Months after Merger

Chicago-based grocery startups Dom's Kitchen & Market and Foxtrot are closing their doors after merging last year due to challenges.

Chicago-based grocery startups Dom's Kitchen & Market and Foxtrot, which recently merged to form Outfox Hospitality under Foxtrot CEO Liz Williams, have made the difficult decision to close their doors. This announcement came as a shock to many, as both companies had been experiencing rapid growth in recent years.

In a statement posted on Dom's website, the company expressed their disappointment in having to cease operations despite their best efforts to find a viable solution. The closure means that all customer-facing operations have been disabled, store credits are no longer available, and deliveries have ceased.

The impact of this closure was felt by employees and customers alike, as workers at the stores in Lincoln Park and Lakeview were surprised by the news. Handwritten signs on the doors informed customers that the stores were closing for good, leaving many in disbelief.

One customer, Becca Richter, expressed her sadness at the news by collecting the last box of chocolate chunk cookies from Dom's as a memorial. The closure also prompted workers to gather their belongings and say their goodbyes, with some leaving the store with bags of groceries or flowers.

The merger of Dom's and Foxtrot was seen as a promising partnership, with Foxtrot's 15 stores in Chicago and 17 across D.C., Dallas, and Austin complementing Dom's upscale grocery offerings and prepared meal options. The companies had plans to expand with new locations in River North and Vernon Hills, but unfortunately, those plans will not come to fruition.

As customers and employees process the news of the closures, the impact of losing these beloved grocery stores will be felt in the communities they served. The legacy of Dom's and Foxtrot will live on in the memories of those who frequented their stores and enjoyed their offerings.

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